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Cat-5 broadcast, provides customized high-end audio visual systems integration services and solutions, ongoing maintenance and on-site support. It delivers a complete range of innovative audio visual solutions with class-leading professionalism and service. These solutions are working at several locations and have become vital for their competitive success. Specializing in government installations, our core competency and major focus lies in designing, installing and maintaining integrated audio, video and control facilities for a wide variety of environments including offices, network operation centers, hotels and business center solutions, health care, auditorium, houses of worship and education.

we build our solution on service, expertise and versatility. We analysis your needs and then propose facility-design for implementation and support, We go beyond the ordinary to provide complete, integrated solutions for all of your audio, video and control system needs. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers while providing state of art & superior product and services to our esteemed clients.

Our every project is an interactive process between you and our team. We work with you to develop a proposal outlining your requirements, goals and timelines. We propose a process that includes a detailed, on-site needs analysis, allowing us a customized design , a tailored made solution that facilitates critical coordination issues such as lighting, electrical, construction and furniture integration. Once your system is in place, you will continue to enjoy value-added services from us with operational training & trouble shooting training.
We team consists of experienced industry professionals to ensure exceptional results. Our expert team comprises of Designers, Engineers, Project Managers, Field Technicians and a dedicated line up of support personnel who work 24 x 7. We have a dedicated project management staff and design/engineering/field staff specialized in system implementation of audio, video, control, lighting and video teleconferencing systems


Video Conferencing

A comprehensive survey of 1,205 business decision makers revealed nearly all of them (96%) believe videoconferencing removes distance barriers and improves productivity between teams in different cities and countries. They agree that videoconferencing helps close the physical and cultural gap between colleagues doing business across distances.
According to the survey videoconferencing is already the third most preferred communications tool today (after e-mail and voice calls), and is expected to be the most preferred collaboration tool in three years.
The CAT-5 Broadcast will guide you to Collaborating Across Borders , a discussion of the implications of the findings, and a wealth of insights and tips for collaborating effectively across borders. Discover how companies of all sizes successfully use Video Conferencing for Business, Education, Health Services, Govt. ,Admin., Production , to name a few.

You contact our experts to assist you to take forward your requirements.

Virtual Class Room / E-Learning

Ares Interactive Media. A unique web-based product to Engage Your Audience in Broadcast , Education TV - for unlimited Virtual class room teaching at Remote sites, Govt. & Corporate Training ,etc. The two way interaction is handled on-air live and participants may be on all platforms- PC/ Mac, Smartphone, pads & Tablets, SMS integration.

It has the capability to setup and organize video call-in participants to bring in executives, employees, reporters, expert guests, eyewitnesses and capable of handling polls, surveys , viewer panels, Q&A etc to Broadcasters and Unlimited Interactive Class Room teaching at remote locations.

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