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   ARES Interactive Media

Ares Interactive Media, the missing link between broadcast and webcast.

Ares controls the interactions with on-air audiences and integrates existing CG’s, production switchers, audio mixers and intercom with unique workflow efficiency. It’s comprehensive all-in-one solution, and, easy to use. Proven daily on numerous shows over the last 3 years, Ares Interactive Media provides powerful production tools, and, requires minimal staff.

Until now, when broadcasters and webcasters want to innovate in live coverage, audience engagement is desired but complex. Ares Interactive Media integrates all aspects: setting up and organizing video call-in participants, bringing in ad hoc reporters, experts, live video mobile eye witnesses, handling polls, surveys, viewer panels as well as shopping cart and gaming integration or any third party web content.

By providing a second screen application for TV viewers, Ares brings interactivity and live video interaction on a broadcast scale. Ares Interactive Media, the missing link between broadcast and webcast.

Live Event Broadcasting

Now is the time to be greener than ever and increase, at the same time, the quality of your presentation. Choose to be put on air with ARES Interactive Media. Increase your audience by inviting them to participate actively in your event. Integrate remote special guests into your event with ARES reporter mode which allows you to participate live in video without delay.

Add full interactivity to your events. Find new ideas to produce events with the power and the flexibility of ARES Interactive Media. Reduce the number of local events, expand the reach of your attendees and increase the true quality of your event by putting more geographic emphasis on the live web event side.

Live web TV Broadcasting

• Make your WebTV more dynamic
• Invent new content

Your live WebTV page is only displaying a video player. Upgrade your web studio with ARES Interactive Media and get totally interactive with your viewers, who will become participants.

We have been producing 8 live specialised WebTV shows daily for many years and we are fully interactive with all participants. ARES makes it easier to produce content. It increases the interest of your audience. It allows you to do so much more with your audience, it's really worth the transition from one-way monologue to bi-directional communication. Ask us for a free demo.

Developped by a Broadcaster for the Broadcasters

Ares is a unique resource, developed by broadcasters and top innovative webcasters. There’s nothing like it. Put your station group, Radio Show, TV show or TV network ahead of all competitors with a level of audience engagement and cost-efficiency never possible till now. Ares can make a real difference in your on-air and online success.

ARES Interactive Media goes to the audience, which we now call participative audiences, since everyone attending an event is able to interact live with the host and the audience. We call ARES Interactive Media a bi-directional broadcast technology.



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