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   IP Surveillance

IP surveillance is the next generation of Security Surveillance and is catching at starategic location and important installations. The IP based devices are designed to work over an Internet protocol (IP), are allowing users to obtain efficiency, flexibility, and remote accessibility of a digital technology. IP-networked systems are particularly popular in large-scale enterprise networks where thousands of cameras are installed to monitor, like city surveillance , important Govt., & Military installations.

The wide network of legacy analog cameras is becoming increasingly expensive and gradually being replaced by IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders( NVRs) or Cloud storage is th nest stage of NVRs . In the future, digital Network video recorders (NVRs) that convert analog images into digital format for transmission over an IP network are likely to be a critical component of video surveillance solutions. India is gradually moving into this directions, particularly for important Govt., & Military installations, Shopping Centers, City Surveillance by Police deptt., Crowded Sports, Entertainment, Airports, etc.

Although, IP Video Surveillance yet yo catch up, but there is a last mile problem in networking & internet in country like India. But there are critical security ares of concern due to high congestions in public places , Traffic signals, Railway / Bus Stations, etc and on top of all due terrorism , in a highly populated country like India. The planners are looking for Wireless Video Surveillance for such selected applications irrespective of high cost of ownership.

The Wireless Video Surveillance has high cost performance ratio, and very useful where there are challenges to install video surveillance in areas that are physically hard to reach, or too expensive to reach via traditional leased lines or fiber, and also to meet the needs of real-time video surveillance capabilities for a 24x7 Video Surveillance. There are several private network solutions are available which when integrated with the public internet platform yields the desired solution. We give below one such work flow for a city based solution :

IP networked systems promise previously unimagined flexibility, scalability and interoperability. Where video was once to be viewed centrally by an operator, it can now be seen and controlled by a large number of people, in a variety of places on a surprising array of devices. Anywhere the network goes. The only bottleneck in above solution is the high cost.

Seamless Integration:

CAT-5 Broadcast team has highly tech savoy and have around thirty years of high enfg SI experience in installing , commissioning and maintaining highly sophisticated sytems used in Broadcast industry. This has come handy to them to provide such quality and magnitude of Video Surveillance solutions. Many clients bank uopon this and their all India network for support.

Wireless Video Surveillance:

Wireless surveillance takes two proven technologies – Broadband Wireless transmission and networked video surveillance – and combines them to overcome many of the obstructions that end users face when attempting to deploy remote surveillance and monitoring systems today. Whether you are deploying new digital IP cameras or analog cameras with telemetry features, capturing images and recording them locally or streaming data back to a central location, a broadband wireless network can help you extend your town center or campus scheme to outlying locations rapidly.

Go Wireless when No Alternative

More and more organizations today are seeking to install video cameras in remote locations to help them monitor operations from afar and ensure their safety and security. These organizations include police or fire departments in charge of homeland security, shopping centers involved in corporate security, or even news stations that provide around-the-clock coverage of unfolding events.

These organizations are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are physically hard to reach, or too expensive to reach via traditional leased lines or fiber. To meet the needs of organizations requiring real-time video surveillance capabilities - wireless broadband is the answer.

24x7 Video Surveillance - Anywhere, Anytime

CAT-5 Broadcast can set up and deployed instantly deploy your trouble free 24 x 7 Video Surveillance solution. The solution transcends physical and geographical boundaries, and transmits real time video and data.


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