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DDP Storage

The Dynamic Drive Pool - Superior Shared Storage Solutions.

People working with multi-media appreciate that desktop drives need to handle large amounts of data. Multi-media software such as those from Adobe, Avid, Apple, Grass Valley, Autodesk, Image Systems, Firelight and other video, film and audio editing applications frequently require direct high-speed shared access to drives or volumes.
As well as this, data-hungry multimedia applications may run into capacity limitations and there are always the worries about backup. FC-SAN (Fiber-channel Storage Area Network) solutions are complex because two different networks and several different boxes are required. NAS systems are much slower using approximately 50-60% of the available IP bandwidth.

Now with the Dynamic Drive Pool we present the best of both worlds - all from one box on one Ethernet network. An IP-SAN based solution allowing full project and file level based sharing, it uses almost 100% of the available Ethernet bandwidth.

DDP is an ideal, affordable and simple storage solution dedicated to film, video and audio users.


1. Standalone DDP Series

The standalone DDP systems
are all-in-one systems. As Ethernet-based SAN systems, both storage and Metadata controller (AVFS) are integrated into a single storage server. Also, for both AVFS and data transport, a single Ethernet network is used. The Standalone DDP series offers a solution for any company size and you can configure more than 100 different DDP versions.

DDP-8, DDP-16, DDP-24 & DDP-48 available in different configurations

2. Mini DDP & micro DDP Series

The Mini DDP series can be supplied with 2,5" HDD, SSDs or combined, while the microDDP series have 4 SSDs. DDP volumes use iSCSI protocol and Ethernet cabling. To allow everyone to read and write on such a DDP volume simultaneously, Ardis Technologies developed the AVFS (Ardis Virtual File System) technology.

3. Scalable (non) redundant DDP series

Scalable DDPs can be supplied as a non-redundant or fully redundant system. Scalable non-redundant DDPs consist of one DDP Head and a scalable number of storage arrays. Scalable redundant DDP consists of two DDP Heads and a scalable number of fully redundant storage arrays

4. Mirror DDP series

The mirror DDPs are also knows as 'green'. The mirror DDP series of products uses MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disk) technology to save energy and are usually used as a complement of the standalone DDP series. There are many mirror DDP versions available for every company and every budget

More detail on technology and Specifications, please visit the link :


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