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Thousands of TVUPack mobile cellular uplink transmitters are used by broadcasters, Web streaming outlets, sports organizations and law enforcement agencies around the world to transmit live video of breaking news and important events to viewers. TVUPack delivers the ability to go live from anywhere to audiences across multiple platforms.

TVUPack is powered by an innovative proprietary transmission algorithm called Inverse StatMux. With Inverse StatMux, TVUPack, users can utilize any combination of sources for bandwidth including 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, hard line Ethernet, Ka-band satellite, Ku-band satellite, and microwave connections, and switch seamlessly between them without interrupting the transmission.

Inverse StatMux combats network instability by intelligently monitoring each network connection in real-time, and making corrections and adjustments as network conditions change. If connection performance degrades, the Inverse StatMux process enables the TVUPack to reallocate the data that was streaming through the degraded connection to other open connections, preventing data loss.

The process of intelligently monitoring network conditions and dynamically adjusting the video compression rate in real time enables the TVUPack to match the video data rate with true available bandwidth, which in turn results in higher picture quality. The end results in terms of picture quality can be dramatic.

TVUPack TM8100

Get professional broadcast-quality video from this compact, portable IP ENG solution.
TVUPack 8100 is a 3G/4G/LTE uplink solution for cameras with industry standard SDI and composite connections. TVUPack solves a common challenge that news broadcasters often face in covering live breaking news from locations that are difficult or costly to access using traditional ENG technologies.

Key Features :

  • Lightweight and Mobile – TVUPack weighs only 16 pounds.

  • One Button Startup – Boots up and broadcasts live in less than one minute.

  • Simple to Operate – Automatically connects to all available wireless connections
  • On-Board Storage – TVUPack stores up to 14 hours of footage on an internal solid-state hard drive, and can be remotely browsed.

  • Wireless Hotspot Functionality – TVUPack becomes a wireless hotspot when connected to the Internet, enabling video crews to edit stories in the field and send the finished story back to the broadcast facility through the pack.

  • Interruptible Feedback (IFB) – TVUPack is IFB ready, enabling news operations center to communicate directly with a headphone equipped camera operator.
  • Standard SDI and Composite Connections

  • Wireless Monitoring – Wirelessly monitor the status of each TVUPack including air card signal strength, battery status, etc. with any iPod, iPad or smart mobile device.

TVUPack TM8200

Deliver professional broadcast quality video with the world's most advanced IP uplink solution. TVUPack TM8200 offers broadcasters, videographers, and camera crews the world's smallest, lightest and most powerful mobile wireless 3G/4G/LTE uplink solution available in a backpack. With TVUPack TM8200, camera crews can capture and transmit live HD video from more locations while using fewer data cards.

Key Features:

  • Utilize Multiple 3G/4G/LTE Connections – TM8200 features an easily accessible and removable external modem module that supports up to eight 3G/4G/LTE, microwave, satellite, WiFi and BGAN data connections. The TM8200 simultaneously aggregates up to nine connections including Ethernet to broadcast live in SD or HD.

  • Simple One Button Setup – TVUPack goes live with just the push of a button. No manual in-field configuration is required.

  • Fast Start Up– TM8200 starts up in 20 seconds from a cold start. The pack automatically establishes all available wireless connections, giving users the ability to broadcast live in no time.

  • Resilient Video Quality – TM8200 combines Inverse StatMux, the world's most advanced cellular transmission protocol with TVU264, TVU's powerful proprietary H.264 encoding engine, to enable users to maximize the bandwidth available in each network connection and transmit the most stable, reliable and resilient picture possible. Additionally, TM8200 requires fewer 3G/4G/LTE wireless connections compared to other cellular uplink transmitters.

  • Low Transmission Latency – TVUPack can transmit with as low as sub-one second delay.

  • On-Demand Video Retrieval – TM8200 features an on-board SSD hard drive capable of capturing up to 7 hours of continuous footage, ensuring that it's safe and easily retrievable when you need it.

  • Wireless Monitoring – Wirelessly monitor the status of each TVUPack including air card signal strength, battery status, etc. with any iPod, iPad or smart mobile device.

TVUPack Mini & SE

Live video uplink transmission mounted directly to your camera -
TVUPack Mini is the perfect solution for broadcasters, production crews, news agencies and independent videographers to capture live video and broadcast footage direct-to-Web or on air. At just two pounds, TVUPack Mini delivers a lightweight, portable solution for live video transmission with low latency.

Key Features:

  • Scalable Connectivity – TVUPack Mini can simultaneously aggregate up to four or five wireless modems plus WiFi and HotSpot connections depending on the configuration.

  • Simple Operation - Go live with just the push of a button. No in-field configuration is required.

  • Low Latency Transmission - TVUPack Mini can transmit a HD signal with one second latency even while in motion. 

  • Record and Store-and-Forward - TVUPack Mini features a robust SSD hard drive that records and stores video footage. You can download the recorded content directly to a standard USB memory stick for immediate local use.

  • IFB - TVUPack Mini features IFB talk back, utilizing multiple transmission connections for audio resiliency.

  • Color LCD Display – TVUPack Mini features a color LCD display that provides video input preview and status information.

  • Battery – Ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life.

  • Cloud Compatible - TVUPack Mini is fully compatible with TVUPack Cloud for hassle free direct-to-Web broadcast.

  • Flexible Configurations - TVUPack Mini comes with optional camera mount and belt mount configurations. Modem cover and belt pack accessories are also available

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