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Video Surveillance in India is a fast growing but still it is initial stage. In India, analog CCTV system enjoys more then 80 percent market share. IP-Surveillance is gradually emerging as an attractive alternative as it provides a bridge to enter the Digital World with the ultimate solution of a high performance, low-cost Digital Video Surveillance and monitoring. We provide complete solution from traditional analog solution to high-end IP camera based solution.

CAT-5 Broadcast is a leading TV & Media solution company in providing the world class solution to Broadcast, Education, Corporate , & SMCs . We provide them Access, Biometric, Fire alarm ( FAS), CCTV / video surveillance solution & also specialize in Home security. The company offer a complete end-to-end video surveillance solution from traditional analog camera based solutions to high-end IP camera based solutions.

The company also uses Various types of CCTV Cameras for the surveillance based on application & budget in buildings and row houses. We provide storage solutions as per needs and also to integrate with the customers’ existing infrastructure, including analog and digital cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and video management or other security software.

We offer solutions for CCTV / Video Surveillance, FAS, Biometric ,etc, :

  • BPOs, Corporate, Skyrise buildings, SMCs and Factories sectors City CCTV / Surveillance for government agencies

  • Wireless Video Surveillance for large / strategic Locations

Large corporations use various forms of video surveillance primarily as a means of monitoring the activities of staff and for controlling the public relations. Even some large corporations actively use various forms of surveillance to monitor the activities of activists and campaign groups who may impact their operations. The video surveillance systems are able to draw together many different information sources to produce profiles of persons or groups in society.


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