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Avermedia Record & Streaming

Teach anywhere Compact and lightweight with a built-in lithium polymer battery, this audio system is highly portable and will last an entire school day. The 20 watt speaker delivers ample and clear sound whether in the classroom, or out on the field. Easily connect all your A/V devices & live TV into one hub Turn […]


AVerMedia RS series offers encoding and streaming solutions for OTT services so that you can encode and transmit HDMI, Composite, Component, and HD SDI/SD SDI/ASI video inputs to a cloud platform. These inputs can be derived from different sources, including satellite signals received by an integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), live broadcasts, pre-recorded videos on an HD […]

Digital Imaging Capture Solution

Digital Imaging Capture Solution   AVerMedia Video Capture Solution for Medical Image Application   The Challenge The Present day  hospital has  various medical imaging devices in its diagnostic and examination rooms, which provide the  diagnostic data necessary for the  effective treatment of the  hospital’s patients. The data collected by these devices must be transmitted to […]

OT Record and Live Streaming solution

Medical College OT Record for interactive teaching and Streaming Solution As a teaching hospital or Medical College, present technological demand from customers is to provide training programs and conferences for medical students, residents and fellows. As part of the program, all surgical suites are equipped with a proprietary video management system that enables live viewing […]

Smart Classroom Solutions

SMART CLASS ROOM  SOLUTIONS As a system integration distributor with in house technical expertise and trained man power, we offers schools the flexibility to create customized teaching and learning solutions, mixing and matching from a wide range of first-rate classroom technology. From  industry-leading visualizers and easy-to-use distance learning systems (Classroom Video Conferencing), we provides schools […]

About Us

ABOUT CAT 5 BROADCAST ... Cat-5 Broadcast was established in 2007 based upon a shared vision : to provide professional audio and video technology according to vertical market needs. All verticals share core technology, but each has its own requirements. Our passion is to provide the best value and capability in each vertical, understanding the strength [...]