Interactivity with studio guests is also heightened. AIM platform simplifies how viewers can pose their own questions to musical guests and other personalities, or even sing-along with them live on camera.

AIM V4.0 platform allows broadcasters and web-casters to contact viewers by video call during a show to bring them ‘on air’. Viewers calls either from a button in our video player interface or from a pre-authorized link received by email. Of course our tool helps you perform all filtering and moderation for inappropriate content.

The Toolbox

AIM platform immerses viewers into the event by allowing webcasters to utilize them as production resources. For example, the AIM platform is suitable for on-air hosts who want to poll audiences on during live broadcasts, compile those results automatically, and deliver the results in seconds.

Similarly, hosts can quickly deliver a breaking news story in the community by using the links supported by AIM to reach people in the affected area. This offers a dynamic way to integrate viewers as live ‘eyewitness’ reporters.

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