AVerMedia RS series offers encoding and streaming solutions for OTT services so that you can encode and transmit HDMI, Composite, Component, and HD SDI/SD SDI/ASI video inputs to a cloud platform. These inputs can be derived from different sources, including satellite signals received by an integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), live broadcasts, pre-recorded videos on an HD Media Player, or analog/DVB-T TV channels transmitted via antenna. Content can be viewed on any device with Internet access, such as smart TVs, notebooks, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Encoding Server (RS series) products can be used with any equipment that supports multiple signal formats and video sources, saving you the hassle and cost of purchasing new equipment.

Benefiting service providers, the Encoding Server solutions fit easily and reduce OTT-related costs by eliminating the need to purchase costly equipment. Low, mid and high level encoding solutions are available to support single and multistream signals and the use of 1/4/8/12/20 channels. The Encoding Server solution also removes the need for additional transmission media by allowing service providers to directly store content in the cloud.

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