Beijing based Fxlion Electronic Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of professional li-ion batteries and chargers for lights and cameras in the broadcasting industry. 

Fxlion Battery” was established in 1997. It is the first Chinese brand making lithium ion batteries for the broadcasting industry. The Research and Development team guarantees Fxlion Battery’s high quality and best service together with a selected team of sale managers.

Fxlion Battery” choose the road of independent research, development, production and sales of high-quality lithium ion batteries. The Chinese brand is very well known and has a excellent reputation on the domestic broadcasting industry.“Fxlion Battery”brand has a growing market in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. The ambitious company has dozens of products with a range of broadcasting lithium ion batteries, chargers, LED lighting equipment, high power lithium battery packs and customized products for video equipment. Fxlion products are ISO9001:2008 and CE certified.

For More Details : www.fxlion.net