Gonsin Simultaneous Interpretation system

FS-FHSS( Frequency Selection –Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology:Frequency hopping communication technology is a common spread spectrum communication technology which is widely applied to various wireless communication fields. GONSIN has developed the unique FS-FHSS based on this communication technology. The new technology can monitor and select the undisturbed frequency band. FS-FHSS
ensures the stability of the communication. It is applied to GONSIN wireless conference system, which implements the discussion, simultaneous interpretation, voting and others comprehensive conference application functions.


♦ Gonsin innovated FS-FHSS (Frequency Selecting-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology
♦ Highly flexible for conference places, suits various conference places including outdoor/ indoor/ temporary/fixed conference place
♦ AES for data encryption, preventing malicious interference and listening
♦ Super-strong anti-interference capability, being immune to any light source, wireless communication equipment, and signal jammer
♦ Adjustable transmission power, the effective communication distance could reach from 50m to 500m.
♦Unlimited system capacity within the effective transmission scope, suitable for small/medium/large/super-large conferences.

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