Voting System


By the BJ-W5 wireless voting unit, the participant can realize registration ( by button pressing, inserting card, supplementary registration), voting ( Yes/No/Abstain, or the customized voting way by software), evaluation( Good, Fair, Poor and Abstain or the customized way by the software), election( elect one or more from M candidates), Grading( 0-100 points). The system can automatically collect the statistic of voting, election, evolution, and display the results on the big screen, projection screen and other display devices. The results can also be printed or burned into CD to preserve

Main features:

◆ Unique computing techniques to ensure flawless accuracy

◆ Multi-level correction and encryption to offer data security

◆ Highly scalable system to support more than 10000 voters

◆ Daisy-chain terminal interconnection for easy cabling

Major system component parts:

central control unit, extension unit, flush voting unit, connector(conjuntion box), conference management software, computer and display equipment

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