Digital Imaging Capture Solution

Digital Imaging Capture Solution


AVerMedia Video Capture Solution for Medical Image Application


The Challenge

The Present day  hospital has  various medical imaging devices in its diagnostic and examination rooms, which provide the  diagnostic data necessary for the  effective treatment of the  hospital’s patients. The data collected by these devices must be transmitted to a workstation for processing and analysis, and stored on the  hospital’s servers. However, most of the  devices output to non-standard imaging resolutions, requiring additional proprietary hardware for each device, adding considerably to the expense and complexity of the  overall imaging system.


Application Requirements

In order to reduce such expenses, the  hospital normally requires an external video  capture solution which could read all the  video  and images produced by the  existing devices regardless of their resolution. A significant challenge in this situation is the  fact that most medical imaging devices still use  analog output. Non-standard analog signals are  more complex to process than digital signals, and the unique timing of the  signal  must be taken into  account. The hospital requires a solution that could accommodate any of the  very specific timing parameters of the  currently used devices both analog and digital, while also  being compatible with any devices purchased in the  future. This solution need to consist of a single  device able  to connect physically with all the  hospital’s medical imaging equipment in order to capture SD, full HD, 3D video  and images, and then transmit them at high speed to a workstation.


System Solutions

With AVerMedia deep experience in video  processing, hardware and software integration, and product customization to present a single  device solution to meet the  hospital’s needs. The CU511B USB 3.0 video  Capture Box can be installed in the  hospital’s diagnostic rooms. Six different input interfaces (HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-video, Composite, and 3G-SDI) enable the  CU511B to connect physically to every  one of the  hospital’s imaging devices. With 8-bit HD/SD video  support, video  resolution adjustment tool to modify the  resolution (up to 1920  x 1200  @ 60 fps, with a video  timing of up to 162 MHz), and a driver and SDK customization option by AVerMedia , the  CU511B can successfully capture all the  video  and images output from each device regardless of their native resolutions and output formats.

Connecting each device directly to the  CU511B enables the  hospital’s imaging devices to be centralized, reducing system complexity and the  system’s physical footprint. The CU511B connected with  high speed USB 3.0 port of the  diagnostic room’s medical workstation, where data from it could be stored, analyzed, and uploaded to the  Electronic Medical  Record (EMR) of each patient, which  is stored on the  hospital’s main servers.

Product Offering 

Product Introduction (Option PCIe)-  AVerMedia CD530

AVerMedia CD530 is a 1080p PCIe video capture card equipped with multiple video interfaces, which can be widely adopted by most medical devices. It is designed to provide the high signal adaptation allowing the complete customization of the captured resolution under 1920 x 1200, through AVerMedia Resolution Adjustment Tool. CD530 is featured by its connectivity to the signal interfaces of HDMI, DVI and VGA.

Most of the medical image equipments output non-standard image resolutions, requiring additional proprietary hardware for each device, adding considerably to the expense and complexity of the overall medical imaging system. In order to acquire video from any unique resolution, AVerMedia introduces software-based Resolution Adjustment Tool, which can dynamically generate resolution table to fit any video output sources from the medical image machines, supporting from 640×480 to 1920×1200@60p maximum. The tool allows the user to capture hundreds of different resolution, as they need.



AVerMedia also provides the developers with all essential tools to create powerful applications without additional cost for Microsoft® Windows and Linux based platforms. AVerMedia SDK is a feature-rich development toolkit, which offers the industrial customers a complete set of functional modules to flexibly and efficiently develop their vertical applications. AVerMedia specialized medical SDK solutions will help to reduce the development time and cost.