Multicamera Classroom / Studio Solution


Multi camera based Studio / Class room for e-learning is specifically addressed to a multi camera setup required for big lecture halls and class room for e-learning purposes, We have a separate solution for Multi camera studio in a broadcast environment which is addressed separately in broadcast solutions category.

Here multi camera  classroom is designed for small group teaching and it should be made flexible. The breakdown of the system design is as follows:

  1. Projection Display.
  2. Sound reinforcement system.
  3. Camera system.
  4. Camera Control system.
  5. Other Equipment.

Projection Display

Two projections are required to view data and video source. With integrated control interface, the projector can be programmed to display remote video and data on either screen.

A third projection is required, usually mounted at the back of the room; to display remote video. The presenter can look at the remote sites without turning his back onto the screen. This is to offer direct eye to eye contact between local and remote participant.

Multiple Layered Whiteboard

Horizontal sliding whiteboard is recommended as the floor to ceiling height for this kind of room is usually low. There should be rubber stops to prevent crushing ones finger between surrounding frames when the instructor is moving between moving panels.

Sound Reinforcement System.

 It utilizes hanging microphone with super-long pick-up distance and built-in large diaphragm Hi-Fi microphone core. The pick-up distance is from 3 to 8 meters. In according to the size of classroom, it just needs to install 1-4 hanging microphone, which can fully cover the stage and students zone. Teacher can turn of power and teach lessons without wearing any sound amplifier devices

It utilizes advanced DSP processing technology and self-adaptive feedback control algorithm and environment de-noising algorithm, to optimize the sound effect, which make it convenient for teachers to speak and students to listen, boost the education efficiency.

The room should be equipped with directional frontal speaker

Camera System

 The camera used will be a pan tilt zooms with preset features so that it can be controlled over the network.  A minimum of two cameras will be used for capturing overview of the classroom and student tracking and two cameras at the back of the room for capturing local presenter and also screen capture of what is displayed on the board.

Product Offering :

This is a list of general equipments for Multi camera Interactive classroom;

  • Microphone system: wired or wireless.
  • HD Video conferencing codec or Soft-codec with duo video and duo monitor support.
  • Duo projection in front wall with a projection in back wall.
  • White board or smart board
  • 2 Front and 2 rear camera
  • Speakers and sound system
  • Visualiser
  • Audio amplifier
  • Audio and video mixer
  • Video Switcher with built in scaler.
  • Camera joystick controller
  • Touch Panel with AV control system
  • AV recorder .
  • LCD Monitors for viewing all video sources.
  • Streaming Encoder