Paperless Conference Solution


Paperless conference application is the latest trend in conferencing technology. Paperless conference system has realized the paperless conference by adapting modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology and software technology, by digital exchange of papers. Its main features: network paper transmission, digital paper display, intelligent paper editing, controlling the input and output of the paper.

GONSIN paperless conference system can realize attendance registration, voting/electing/apparition, demonstrating document synchronously, service call, transmission and look up documents and other functions by the paperless congress terminal device.  Powerful supporting function could make the complicated conference work simple and efficient. To change the printed consumable into digital files, saves massive papers, which not only saves resources but also carries the responsibility of protecting the environment.



  1. Extending the paperless function by extended terminals of paperless conference
  2. 6 inches LCD screen( resolution 1920 × 1080), support 10 points touch control
  3. Electronic nameplate utilizes 10.1 inches super bright HD LCD screen
  4. Display user’s information synchronously, such as user’s name/position or title /organization name/Logo and etc, support font/ background/ customized template.
  5. Attendance registration function
  6. Voting function: started and ended by paperless terminal(chairman), the results can be displayed on LCD screen.
  7. Call service: participants place a call via paperless terminal. The service staff will provide the service in according to the request displayed on the paperless call service terminal. Basic functions: paper, pen, tea, towel and etc, the functions can be customized.
  8. Terminal can display user’s info, conference info, conference results and on-site seating map.
  9. Digital conference files management: it includes browsing files and sharing screen
  10. Files note function: users can make notes on files, the notes can be saved in the server.
  11. Screen sharing and synchronizing screen function: user can initiate screen sharing, all terminals will be displayed the same content
  12. Support the transmission of internal messages
  13. Support digital whiteboard function, user can create whiteboard quickly, the content will be saved in the server.
  14. Support surfing the internet via the browser.
  15. Support reading files from USB flash disk
  16. Support connection to exterior video by an Encoder
  17. Randomly set any one terminal as Chairman Terminal
  18. video tracking matrix, HD camera is supported

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