Virtual Set Solution for Class Room


Utilizing Virtual Studios To Create Effective Training

Chroma Key Technology In eLearning – Integrating Live Streaming And Recorded Video Using Virtual Studio Video Sets

Virtual studios and virtual sets rely on what is known as “Chroma Key” technology,  the “Green Screen”. This technology works by keying the green background in the video or selecting it using a software tool, and replacing it with another background image you can select, while the subject remains in the foreground, giving the effect that the person is standing somewhere he/she is not. These virtual sets are actually background templates that can simulate a variety of settings such as a a normal room having very basic amenities can be transformed to a high tech class room. Alternatively, you can also create your own virtual sets

The use of video for training purposes is nothing new. The cost barrier for acquiring the necessary hardware and software needed to produce very high quality video has decreased to the point to where it is affordable to virtually anyone that has a desire to create and edit video.

You no longer need a team of graphic artists, videographers, and Information Technology staff to create video that rivals what the big studios used to create.

The Benefits To Using Video And Virtual Sets For Creating A Professional eLearning Video

  • Scenario-based learning engages the learner.
  • Video eliminates the dreaded “Page-Turner” effect from a typical online training module, and helps the visual learner retain information better.
  • Finally, video demonstrates very clearly and concisely, complex steps, policies, and procedures.


Basic Virtual Set for E-Learning

Products Offering :

  • Full HD Camera  fix focal length and PTZ Cemras – 1 No each
  • Customized Work station with I/O card and software and display 1 No
  • Interactive Pen Tablet for Teaching – 1 No
  • LED Display for Final Output – 1 No
  • Chroma Set with LED Lights – 1 Set
  • Wired / Wireless Microphones- 1 Set
  • Audio Mixer- 1 No