OT Record and Live Streaming solution

Medical College OT Record for interactive teaching and Streaming Solution

As a teaching hospital or Medical College, present technological demand from customers is to provide training programs and conferences for medical students, residents and fellows. As part of the program, all surgical suites are equipped with a proprietary video management system that enables live viewing and recording of all surgical events.

Live question and answering session between OT Doctors and student sitting at a class room or auditorium and Operation Theaters that are located in different building in same campus, at the same time the live transmission of the sessions over internet.

Product offering for the Solution:-

  • High Zoom PTZ Camera for OT and Class Room
  • OT Camera ( integrated with OT light)
  • Full HD Video Switcher
  • Audio Mixer
  • Wireless Mic for Both OT and Class Room
  • PC System for cloud VC Application
  • Projector with screen / Display
  • Avermedia Recorder
  • Avercaster Duet for Dual channel streaming