Integrated Board Room Solution


( Conferencing , Voting, Interpretation, attendance registration, Camera Auto Tracking )

GONSIN is the global provider of complete conference system solutions, including DCS distributed congress system, conference discussion system, interactive voting system, simultaneous interpretation system, attendance registration system, multimedia control system and conference management software.

GONSIN’s offers fully digital, scalable, versatile and reliable platform-based congress solution which has redefined the conference system, with cutting-edge technologies and greatly enhanced user experience.

GONSIN is catering product and services to diversified portfolio of end users including governments, parliaments, convention centre’s, courthouses, military forces, hotels, schools, hospitals, churches and corporations. GONSIN products have equipped many high-end international conferences


Some of the Main feature of Gonsin Digital Conference System are as below

Central Control Unit

Main features in stand-alone mode

  • 1 to 4 delegate microphones can be active simultaneously
  • Selectable microphone mode: AUTO/FIFO/OPERATOR/VOX
  • VOX for 4200&5600 series only
  • VOX sensitivity can be set to H/M/L to suit conference environment
  • ID number writing for each unit using LCD on front panel
  • 6 channels for simultaneous interpretation ( Optional )
  • Automatic video tracking with up to 4 SD cameras
  • Automatic video tracking with up to 8 HD cameras(with switcher)
  • Built-in DSP processor for acoustic feedback prevention
  • Built-in treble/bass compensation for better sound quality
  • Built-in MIC IN audio input for wireless mic system

Extented features under PC/software control

  • Centralized conference management
  • Voting, Election, Quick Election, Evaluation
  • Operator can allow or reject delegate request to talk
  • Speaking time limit can be preset for conference units
  • Delegate unit can be set to be vice-chairman (VIP) unit
  • Attendance registration using IC cards or REG button
  • Conference audio recording and video recording

Product Offering  Standard Configuration:

  • Central Control Unit(Discussion) – 1 No
  • Chairperson Unit with Mic stem – 1 No
  • Delegate Unit with Mic stem – As Required
  • HD Tracking Camera – 1-2 Nos
  • Camera Matrix- 1 No
  • HD-DVR Recorder with 4TB x 8 HDD -1 No
  • SDI to HDMI Switcher – 1 No
  • Camera Tracking Software – 1 No
  • Interpretation Unit – As required
  • PC/ Cables connector etc – 1 Set

For  built to order or customization of the solution , please contact our Technical team.