Lecture Capture, record and streaming solution



ALL IN ONE Solution with AVER CC 30

An ideal classroom technology should be simple and allow you to focus on the real goal… Learning. With the wrong tools, we end up working around technology rather than with it. But with the right technology, the equipment and overheads disappear and what’s left is an elegant and greatly improved learning and teaching experience.

The CC30 HD Collaboration Camera from AVer is one of those unique devices that keeps things simple while delivering some pretty exciting opportunities for teaching.

In the box

The AVer CC30 packages all the hardware and software you need to present, record, screen capture, live stream, and annotate material with your class.

Plugging into a computer’s USB or directly into a projector or screen via HDMI, the camera offers crystal clear 8MP video. And the wireless microphone means less cables and more freedom when moving and working with students around the room.


The CC30 comes packaged with AVer’s free video lecture software Capture Share , software you need to present, record, screen capture, live stream, and annotate material with your class. you can manage multiple video inputs (eg. classroom video from the CC30 + video from a document camera) and layouts as well as access all recording and streaming functions in one click.

The CC30 is also fully compatible with video sharing applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect and WebRTC.


In the classroom

Designed specifically for the classroom, the AVer CC30 With its 120 degree lens gives a greatly enhanced viewing angle. In comparison, a standard webcam only gives a narrow 70 degree angle

There are a number interesting and innovate ways the CC30 is being used with students. Here’s just a few ways this cutting edge tech is being taken advantage of in classrooms:

  1. Classroom collaboration

Try setting up a Skype in the Classroom or Google Hangout session with another class. It could be the class across the road to discuss an upcoming project, or it could be an amazing cultural exchange with a school on the other side of the globe.

  1. Parent and community involvement

With the ability to live stream, all of a sudden school events, presentations, meetings and more can be viewed from anywhere. A live stream can be broadcast to YouTube, embedded on the school website or mailed out to parents, opening all sorts of opportunities for further community interaction.

  1. Flipped learning

Recording material specifically for flipped lessons can be very time consuming. With the ability to record both live video and lecture material, the CC30 is an ideal tool to record classes for reuse in the future. Whether it’s for students who may have missed a day, for students who want to revisit material, or even to save repetition in future years, it’s quick and easy to start building a robust library of recorded lessons.

Last words

In all, the AVer CC30 is a high quality and well thought out collaboration kit for the classroom.


All in One CC 30 Solution –Equipment List

S.# Model Description Qty
1 Aver CC 30 Full HD Collaboration Camera with Wireless Audio 1
2 Aver  F17HD Aver Document Camera ( Second Camera ) Option
3 Wacom Slate Wacom Slate for Annotation Option
4 IWB Interactive White Board 1
5 PC / Laptop Branded PC/ Laptop core i3/ 1Tb HDD/4 Gb RAM / Windows OS and 18” HDMI Monitor 1
6 Projector with screen Short Throw Projector with Screen 1



Lecture Capture and Record using PTZ HD Cameras – Multicam Setup


With the help of classroom video recording system, students now will be able to get all the contents, which are taught in the class and can view from class history at their record room. They now are able to take extra classes and tutorials as well through tutorial modules at a very low cost.


The digital revolutions have hit every aspect of life and have modernized it. The more and more use of technology has led to better productivity of everything. The use of technology in the field of education is not new, but with the coming of advancement, the education trends have been revolutionized. The modern student wants to get benefits of technology to the fullest extent.


The classroom video recording that lets you have the recording of the video lectures from your classroom is one of the most popular trends in the modern education systems. It lets you have the power to gain the knowledge anytime you want just with the touch of a button.


Just consider a simple case if any  student  missed latest lecture in which a particularly important topic was being taught. Then student  have to pay for  losses. That’s where you understand the importance of classroom video recording that will help student to attend to the lecture on record room.

The other merit that video recording of lectures is that they offer great help to those students who attend the class and can seek through the lecture whenever they want it.

The video recording system also lets you revise your lectures and have a better understanding of the topics.



We at CAT5 Broadcast gives full solution  for Classroom recording system according to customer requirements.

  1. Multicam PTZ Full HD Recording system.

Record all lecture with student’s interaction with teacher .  Making the lecture interesting using PIP, Dissolve, Wipe  Effect. Cover even last student  by using remote controller and PTZ Camera. One click recording and if required can insert  time and date any corner of the visual. Easy to transfer video file to External HDD or record room Storage system.

Main  equipments .