Smart Classroom Solutions


As a system integration distributor with in house technical expertise and trained man power, we offers schools the flexibility to create customized teaching and learning solutions, mixing and matching from a wide range of first-rate classroom technology. From  industry-leading visualizers and easy-to-use distance learning systems (Classroom Video Conferencing), we provides schools with the latest and best in classroom equipment to enrich learning in the classroom. Take educating one step further by making your class state of the art smart  class.

Our’s classroom learning systems  are a budget-friendly offering with an all-in-one package, providing best price-to-performance value for education. With an abundance of features such as one-touch recording for after-class sharing and free bundled software it enables versatile applications to be used in the classroom to video record , stream to web or create VOD server. Schools can create  stimulating learning environment in a particular subject area to share their real-world experiences with students. It allows students of any age to connect  participate in class remotely themselves without spending a small fortune and full HD content sharing.

Products Offering

We at CAT-5 Broadcast provide several readymade configuration to fit in the requirement.

Interactive Flat Panel with software Or IWB :

Flat Panel (IFP) is the future of classroom displays, designed especially to inspire future generations. Not only does the IFPs empower teachers, it also inspires students to learn more, share their knowledge, and interact with others. With simple plug and play functionality you can easily plug in devices and integrate Document camera to deliver the most powerful teaching performance possible. In Case budget is a limitation then we can propose Interactive White Board also

Classroom PA System :

It utilizes hanging microphone with super-long pick-up distance and built-in large diaphragm Hi-Fi microphone core. The pick-up distance is from 3 to 8 meters.. Teacher can turn on power and teach lessons without wearing any sound amplifier devices. It utilizes advanced DSP processing technology and self-adaptive feedback control algorithm and environment de-noising algorithm, to optimize the sound effect, which make it convenient for teachers to speak and students to listen, boost the education efficiency.

Full HD Digital Multimedia E-Podium :

The state of the art beautifully made podium having main body made of series-5 of aluminum oxide sandblasting . It comes With  Embedded 21.5″ Ten-point Capacitive touch screen, Embedded IC Card reader, Gooseneck Microphone, central control system 7” touch screen with programmable central control system enable to control equipment in a room. HD signal switch enables users to switch signals from a laptop or USB drive. 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs, HDMI 1.4 version with audio separation.

Full HD PTZ Cameras :

A choice of Full HD PTZ/ Fixed frame camera for class room capture and Cloud conferencing with remote centers over internet can be added to enhance the distance learning environment. We Have all the range of fixed focus, USB, SDI, IP , HDMI and high power Zoom PTZ  camera to choose from.

Streaming Encoder :

Avermedia has a wide range of encoder to choose from in order to stream the live lectures to local campus intranet or any social media site like You Tube , face book or to a particular CDN for content delivery or VOD .  encoder can vary from single channel, dual channel or to multiple channels

Visualizers (Document Cameras) :

Visualizers enable teachers and students to instantly stream vivid images of any object – living or inanimate, still or moving, flat or 3D – in real-time to a large audience with amazing HD clarity. Visualizers combine the best teaching applications of digital cameras, video cameras, overhead projectors and magnifiers into a straightforward, compact device, and AVer’s years of experience and position as a leading visualizer manufacturer is your guarantee of value and faultless performance.

Distance Learning (Classroom Video Conferencing) :

Distance learning system (Classroom Video Conferencing) allows students of all ages to connect with people and cultures oceans away or participate in class remotely themselves without spending a small fortune. Virtual field trips give students the means to scale the Great Wall of China, discover the treasures of ancient Egypt and explore the mysteries of deep space all before lunch.

Avermedia Lecture Capture Recorder :

In order to record the classroom we have solutions from Avermedia in the form of External PC free recorder to record over a built in HDD or to SDHC card or even in case customer want to use a PCi card for record on to existing PC.

For Such customized smart classroom solution please contact our technical experts.