Interactive Class Room Solution


Structuring and Managing the Interactive Class Session

There are as many ways to structure an interactive class session as there are interactive techniques. Interactivity within a class or Interactive teaching and QA between remote class room. You ask for any such solution and we have the solution ready with us .

  • Interactivity with in a class – Already addressed in our smart class room solution
  • Flip class or VOD – Please refer our lecture capture , recording and streaming solution link
  • Interactive teaching between Centralized Tutoring to Remote Classes – Solution addressed here

Interactive Virtual Class Room –  Centralized Tutoring to Remote Class Rooms

Interactive Virtual Classrooms System, It could be a cloud based solution using any cloud service or Hardware codec based connectivity using  ISDN, PRI, Leased Lines, Internet Leased Lines, MPLS VPN, IPLC, etc. connectivity. We can build solution which are scalable, platform agnostic and be able to capture third party contents.

We can design the optimal solution such that it facilitates the effective virtual learning cum instantaneous assessment and can render comprehensive centralized tutoring from central studio to all classrooms across the State in a seamlessly integrated fashion. The queries & clarifications are envisaged to be optimally handled by faculty available in centralized studios.

From Centralized teaching end,  all teaching / lecture activity  will be facilitated which will be accessed by  many other remote classroom,  and clarification or QA if any required from the remote classroom student can be directed to the expert present in Main teaching end.


Product Offering at Centralized Teaching End :

  • Full HD PTZ Camera with remote controller – 2 Nos
  • A/V Mixer with Scaler Facility – 1 No.
  • Audio Mixer – 1 No.
  • MCU VC with extra HDMI input OR Cloud soft codec – 1 No.
  • Wirelss Mic and speaker system – 2 No
  • LED Display of different sizes – 2 No
  • Desktop/ Laptop with HDMI Output- 1 No.
  • Full HD HDMI Monitor / LED Display -1 No 

Product Offering at Centralized Teaching End :

  • Point to Point VC or PTZ Camera for Remote classrooms – 1 No
  • Laptop – 1No
  • Projector With Screen / LED Display -1 No

For  built to order or customization of the solution , please contact our Technical team.